10 Things to Consider Before You Build Your Website

Experiencing everything on internet, and having a dream about having your own website is goose bumps, however it is a rewarding experience, whether you have an idea to share or you are thinking to approach market for your products, you need to walk on this platform.

Many of you think its quite a simple job and doesn’t require any skill, but there is something you would wish to make yourself familiar with before you start this journey.

  1. What do you want to do?

Its important that you start with summing up your ideas at a single point before this project is actually started, a lot of people don’t actually have an idea about what they actually want on their website and hence end  up having a website which no one likes to view or interested in reading the content or even stay on it for a minute to gaze upon it.

Therefore, it’s a good practice to make notes, write down your ideas, keep them straight from start, whether you want to build your own blog or you are a professional considering to list your products online, its important that you understand the importance of a good professional website that is responsive and gives your user an unforgettable experience.

  1. Ask yourself why someone will be interested to be on your website?

This is the question you need to ask yourself right at the beginning of your project, why someone will be interested in being on your website, is your website customer friendly, has its been focused will on the content that someone will be interested in reading, targeted content is always the right approach.

If you are a businessman, do you know who your customers are? And what they are looking for? How they will search for the product they are looking for? And a lot more questions.

Market research should be done as well, it’s smart to know your competitors at an early stage. People age, preferences and habits change very quickly, what works now won’t work 10 years down the line, always keep your ideas updated.

  1. Professional help:

Seeking a professional advice is always fruitful, there is  no rocket science, if you want to do something do it properly the first time, we all learn from errors but we all have a mind to do it right from the start, ask someone experienced in the same field, meet someone that is local to you, a face to face meeting will open up many doors for you.

These days we have got lot of media adverts, attracting customers with colourful offers and prices, and self-design options based on widgets, this not only lead your heart away from what you actually want to achieve but also won’t give your idea boost, someone better out there will pick up your idea and nail it.

Professionals are professional, let them do their job in the best possible way, taking your ideas on the next level.

  1. You get what you pay for?

A Student these days can develop you a page on wix for £50, or someone from your friend circle with cheer up for you and suggest you that he will create your facebook page, but this will not always end up as you have expected. A lot of agencies these days ask for thousands of pounds for a simple website, but all that glitters isn’t gold, watch out for big budgets, go for reasonable demand, find someone that suits both you and your budget.

  1. Domain name:

A domain name is the first face of your website, a name that reflects what is going to be in it after you press enter, its not just a jigsaw puzzle either, choosing a domain name that reflects you and the business you have is crucial.

Brainstorm business names, checking synonyms for the word in your mind, or getting suggestions or searching world wide web for hours to show your creativity, all will lead you to a word that will be your ultimate choice. This is a bit of a myth. These days its too crowded on the internet and a lot more competition is out there – a good suggestion is to keep your focus to be unique, interesting and something that is memorable.

  1. Sitemap

There is a base of everything, and the base of a website is its sitemap, it’s a technical term on the internet that is related to websites, it’s very important to have your website’s sitemap in order to rank on a search engine, every search engine demands for it, websites without sitemaps are not popular on search engines.

  1. Design and content

Right content at a right time, designed wonderfully is a ripen fruit, you can have a team of people or you dedicated to being working on your website daily, weekly or at least once a month. Always choose a professional to do the right work for you and in time, cutting corners and avoiding professional help may end up with a website that looks like it’s dragged itself out of the 1930s.

  1. Know that it takes time

While your work is being handled by a professional, have patience as this does take time, a reasonable time-frame for building a website depends on the contents and the amendments that is generated with your continuous response. Even when it looks built, it won’t be ready. Set aside your time to get the website tested at a real time on desktops, mobile phone and even tablets these days.  Internet traffic comes from many doors nowadays. The last thing you would wish is your first customers writing your unfavourable reviews.

  1. SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing:

Once your website is ready, it will not get attention on its own, your attention should now be on the horizon of marketing. Magic of doing nothing isn’t going to work for you, you will need a search engine optimiser known as SEO experts and a number of marketing strategies such as Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and other alternatives depending on your competitor or your product market. You can get instant visibility on the search engines such as google through their adverts but it can be pretty costly, all depends on your competition in the industry.

  1. Commitment

A live running website demand a lot more once its fully live. Once you start receiving traffic it needs to be maintained, user easily gets bored and always thrives for something exciting each time they visit your website, it can be new content or new product offer or even new product launch news, all depends on your commitment and your dedicated time towards your website. Search engines like to see “active” web pages, which are updated on regular basis.


You might have lot of questions, but don’t just stop here, get a professional advice, approach a web design agency who can give picture your ideas in a professional way.