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Professional Logo Design Service based in Bolton, UK

Design Insight is a project by Gem Max Limited, we provide completely customised professional logo design services, every project we take on undergoes a detailed study of your business story, goals and your personalised target audience..

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With 15 Years of web development experience, we understand that your logo will be the main identity of your business as it will not only be on your business website, it will be your one and only true presentation. A logo can be seen on your invoices, your premises (business locations) etc.

Following processes are involved in the designing of your personalised logo;

  • Business Research
  • Idea Generation & Design
  • Presentation / Submission
  • Logo Files Formats (i.e., jpg, png, pdf etc)

Control your brand design process:

In this first step, an initial set of visuals will be provided, please note this is not a final design as this is the adjustment / communication stage between your thoughts and designer’s canvas. Our customers tends to find creative ideas in the first batch and wish to refine them according to their ideas. Development stages is on the way to go from here.

Your feedback is quite important, as this seems quite challenging but trust us it will be rewarding once finished.

On a final review session, you can have a screen sharing session with our designer and your dedicated account manager to fine tune colours and final touch.

Get the perfect logo:

Generally the time scale for the completion of your perfect logo depends on you as its the synchronisation of thoughts between you, designer and the logo design. A logo design can take from a week to two weeks to finish, however we love to respond quickly and customer service is our preference.

Getting everything you need:

Once a final designed has been agreed after all refinements and experiments, a final document shall be signed off by yourself stating that you are happy with the design. We will be giving your editable files as well as required known file formats by email or on a disc along-with RGB and CMYK profiles.

Get in touch – one of the team will be happy to talk through your needs