Progressive Web Applications (PWA): Bridge between Play Store Apps and Websites

About half a decade ago, Google invented Progressive Web Applications the future of mobile Web. As far as user experience is concerned PWA acts like mobile application instead of a website. While using PWA you can enjoy most of the features of mobile apps which includes accessing the main screen of your device, pushing notifications, gaining access to device hardware. One best feature is that it allows user to work offline. It works perfectly with unsteady network just like it would be with high speed internet connection.

Benefits of Progressive Web Applications

Offline Availability

The main difference between a mobile application and traditional website is that mobile application works smoothly without an internet connection which rises user engagement and a traditional website requires network to work properly. As we know that Progressive Web Applications can work in offline mode saving the information automatically during last network access. Let’s discuss an example of e-commerce website. You can have offline pages if you use Progressive Web Applications which gives customer a view like live website, thus increases the probability of customer to buy something.

Website and Application

From the developer’s point of view, PWA developed like mobile app and also have website functionality like accessing database and have dynamic data. As far as Search Engine indexing is concerned Progressive Web Applications have URLs so they can be indexed and showed on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) easily.

No Installation

User search different apps from Play Stores which then downloaded and consumed time but Progressive Web Applications do not route visitors through slow App Stores and still have their own icon on devices.

Facts of Progressive Web Applications

    • As compared to Plat Store Apps, Progressive Web Applications consumes 90% Less Data.
    • Progressive Web Applications do not update on background. It is updated when you load it.
    • From a Business point of view Progressive Web Applications developing cost is very reasonable as compared to old native mobile applications.
    • Progressive Web Applications are proven for best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results.
    • PWA showed a remarkable increase in lead conversions.


Some Use Cases and Statistics

Today, Percentage of people grows day by day who uninstall applications from their devices. Three years back after the implementation of PWA many businesses made billions of dollars. Let’s have a look on some business statistics.

  • Ali Express increases its conversion percentage to 104%.
  • Ali Baba increases its conversion percentage to 76%.
  • Google says that PWA banners convert 5x more as compared to old native banners.
  • Lancome’s increases its conversion by 17%.
  • Twitter lite increases 67% pages per session.